‘tocktober In The Speed Of Bzzzzzzzzzzz

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“This Hummer fluffed its tail feathers at me, then gave me The Appearance Of Disapproval! (with Aspect-Attention: Ed.) ” - April H.. http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/06/tocktober-at-the-speed-of-bzzzzzzzzzzz/

*6 moments from Kannai Station (JR ). http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/06/the-c-o-cat-cafe-world-tour-continues-yokohama/

‘Tocktober: Bosco Bullybutt

and thus C.O. Peeps, we close the week of ‘Tocktober out with all the intrepid Bosco Bullybutt. We'll undoubtedly do have for you personally on Rats is coming right up. “This is Bosco Bulldog looking forward to his ‘dad’ to get home. ‘Suddy? Suddy? U property nonetheless?!!!’ I know, i know, he has a cutesy small bottom!!!!” -Julia =D http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/05/tocktober-bosco-bullybutt/

You RECOGNIZE She Has That Hot Puppeh Smell

The diary affirms it’s October 5th, but it’s still QUITE warm out in many elements of the united states. Every one of the pools are closed for that summertime. Thus where could ya goto cool-off? Molly has the appropriate notion- only plop that belleh along around the cool air conditioned flash and flooring that Primo ‘Tock Splayage! Alane W., right? “This is our shopping assistant Molly in a St. http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/05/tocktober-at-the-home-depot/

‘Tocktober At The House Website™

Simply LOOK….at that LOOK. I’ll push her everywhere she desires to move. Provided that we wind up back at my property. http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/05/you-know-she-has-that-warm-puppeh-smell/