Life Can Be A Highway, You Folks

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Congratulations, Kelly, on the last thing you did before you were terminated! Just what a great success for you. Anyway, becoming an honorable gentleman, I fulfilled my end-of the deal this week, that was to drive the TMZ Expedition of Hollywood.

Here we're. There is no explanation to think that Videogum could be about, the way that it's been for the previous six years, eternally. It is a blog on the Internet, which presently sets it in a placement that is risky, which is a blog that has completed its very-best never to be garbage, which removes a few more fingertips from its loose grasp. Nevertheless, this thinks extremely strange!

Benedict Cumberbatch Has Finally Gone Too Much

You've no spirit. Nobody would care except the folks that love this particular waste, if it'd happen that you will get attack with a bus and die. Which your mom probably enjoys that her child boy got this kind of great job publishing on this F*%ked website up. I assume thats what we get from an mother-like yours. (I’m sure this likely didn’t offend you, being the kind of person you are. But if it thus occurred that you were offended by it, today you knowhow it feels.

The Walking Dead S02E01: One Child Left Out

[ Actually published on October 31st, 2012.] Gabe has documented numerous accounts of the hazardous sex monster ‘s efforts at destroying the bears of the feminine population, but his program has been had by his latest tactic to a completely new degree of manipulative mental deterioration. You may already know, a stylish gentleman possessing a baby child sets off every hormonal alert in the feminine body, tossing it quickly into Uterine- Cardioid  Chaos. (A amount of exactly what the feminine body experiences after observing an attractive guy keeping a small puppy.) This image of Benedict Cumberbatch keeping his friend Robert McGuigan’s baby, that has been later submitted it to Henry McGuigan’s Facebook bill (an attempt from Cumberbatch to shirk duty, you can realistically suppose), can be anticipated to have this influence on sighted females across the globe. Males, shield your eyes quickly — you are not absolutely resistant.

The One Where I Got The TMZ Excursion Of Hollywood

Yay? Our pals that are old! Look, there’s Half Experience! And Gut Ocean! And who could ignore Bright Eyes that are previous?!